Zombie Costume Ideas for Your Halloween Party


The popularity of the cable series The Walking Dead as well as movies like Zombieland and the Resident Evil films and even games like Plants vs. Zombies, mean that zombie costume ideas will be in demand. And a zombie costume can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.

Here are some suggestions:

Basic costume.

All you need to do is make your eyes look sunken by painting dark circles around it, put some fake blood around your mouth, then wear some tattered or disheveled clothes with dirt and blood splattered on them, and your costume is complete.

Decaying zombie.

To create the look of a zombie who is starting to decay, use white cream makeup on your face to make it pale and then highlight it using grey cream makeup around your eyes, nose and cheeks to give yourself a corpse-like skin tone and a lifeless look.

Bitten zombie.

One of the ways you can become a zombie is by being bitten by another zombie. Zombie costume ideas for zombies with bite marks involve creating fake bites using liquid latex or fake skin made from cornstarch. Apply the latex or fake skin with a q-tip in a ring and let dry. Paint the latex black and then paint the skin inside the ring red; you should also brush some red on the black area. Then add some dark blue makeup around the edges of the bite to suggest bruising; place some yellow blots at certain spots to make it look more realistic.

Rotting graveyard zombie.

Zombies obviously continue to decay despite the fact that they have been brought back from the dead. You can go full zombie with costumes that show rotting skin with bones visible underneath them, as well as torn and tattered clothes that suggest that the zombie has just climbed out of his or her grave. You can wear breastplates simulating exposed rib cages under your tattered costume to create this horrifying effect and then create the illusion of yellowed, decaying skin through holes in your shirt and pants.

Plants vs. Zombies

This popular game helped contribute to the current zombie renaissance and is also a rich source of zombie costume ideas since you can come as a Conehead or a Buckethead zombie or even a Football or Digger Zombie simply by wearing a generic zombie mask and then adding the appropriate accessories for the scary look.


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