Will a Tennis Elbow Strap Actually Work?


For people that are dealing with pain in their elbows, a special strap is often recommended. This is called a tennis elbow strap, and it gets its name because most people that deal with pain in the tendons of their elbow are tennis athletes. It is also quite common in golfers and those that paint for a living. Essentially any game or job that requires constant bending of the elbows will lead to the tendons getting worn out and causing a lot of pain to those that do not properly take care of them.

Since one of the only ways to effectively get rid of tennis elbow is resting, many people refuse to do it. They do not want to stop playing golf or tennis for an indefinite amount of time and that is understandable. Since that is the case, a tennis elbow strap was invented. This nifty band wraps around your forearm and holds your tendons tightly together. Since a lot of the pain is a result of the fact that the tendons have a lot of room to move, it should work in theory.

The good news is that they do work as they are designed to. Whether you have pain in one elbow or both of them, you will be able to get rid of it while you play by wearing one of these straps. You may still need to ice the area for a while after you play, but that is a far better option than simply not playing for an extended period of time, most would agree. They are very inexpensive to buy, so you can get a few of them. You will quickly get used to the feel of them, and might even continue using them for a very long time.

So if you have any pain in your elbow and don’t like the idea of resting, you can use one. Get a tennis elbow strap and you’ll be back on the court that same day. That will give you plenty of time to work on your form in an effort to prevent the pain from getting worse or from not healing properly.


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