Why Is Tennis Commentating So Bad?


Is it me or has the commentating on live tennis gone down hill for the last few years or what.

What’s your take?

For the record too, I love Johnny Mac and I also love listening to the ATP guys.

Because they are able to take you along with them during the match and teach you something that you didn’t know before watching it, this takes insight and know how!

Something that most American tennis announcers don’t have!

Back to the title of this article.

First problem is, the American TV announcers talk too much.

They never shut up.

Guys are talking before, during and after points and they talk when they should be allowing the viewer to enjoy the match.

“Every great TV commentator has a flow, to the way they call a tennis match and they are great at going with the flow of the match.”

That takes experience and skill and most of them don’t have it.

The other problem is they are trying to impress the viewer too much on air.

It’s almost like most of them have to show us, that they know more about the game, than we do.

Wrong move too.

They should let their commentating speak for itself and then the viewer will find out after that match, how much knowledge they have.

Every time I listen to the ATP guys, I learn something new about the game.

And that is why they are so good at what the do.

Last reason, they have no appeal on TV.

With this one, either you have it or you don’t.

On screen appeal just comes natural for some people and hard for others.

If it comes hard for you, then you need to just be yourself and work on your posture and screen appearance more off air.

Which is something that, many of these guys don’t do.

I wonder if this is the main reason why tennis TV viewership, has been going down hill for the last few years?

Tennis is a great sport to watch and when you have a great announcer and a co-host who is being funny and witty doing it, you can enjoy the match even more.


Get rid of these guys!

TV channels should give them a chance to work things out and then, give them the boot and bring in some new blood.

I know there are many of you who are reading this and agreeing with me here, because every time I talk with my friends, I hear the same complaints from them too.

We all need to speak out abut this major problem and make sure that the ATP and the WTA is listening to us.

After all, we are the ones who pay for the tickets, that pay the players and the sponsors for the TV coverage of these tournaments.

Okay, that’s the end of my rant guys.

Please leave me a comment and give me your take on this issue.

Because I would love to know your thoughts on it!

Enjoy the Australian Open too guys!


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