What Can Satellite Radio Do For You?


If you are one of the millions of people who live in New York, or Chicago, or Los Angeles, or one of the other large cities in the US, you have a wealth of radio programming available to you over the FM and AM dial. Even so, you may find that your local radio doesn’t provide you with the entertainment you really want. And as you move away from the major cities, the amount and type of programming grows considerably smaller, making it that much less likely that you will find the entertainment you seek.

But there is an alternative to your local choices – satellite radio. While there are still only a small number of available providers for satellite radio, the array of programming offered is rather large and growing. And very much like cable television’s programming in its early days, much of it is commercial free.

If you are a music lover, you will find a wide variety of commercial free music channels in almost any genre of music you can think of from pop and rock to country, classical and even music from all corners of the world.

Sports fans can enjoy games from the NFL, NBA, and NHL along with PGA golf, NASCAR, soccer, horse racing, and almost any other sporting event you can think of. If you live local to your favorite sports teams, you will probably find most of the events broadcast on your local stations, but if not, satellite may be your best choice. And you will also find a wide variety of sports talk programs on available from most satellite providers.

Also, you will find more and more celebrities starting their own channels on satellite radio. It may have started famously with Howard Stern, but the list of celebrities with their own channel is growing. You can even find such notables as Martha Stewart and Oprah with their own channels on satellite radio.

With all of this, there is one place where satellite could really shine over your local choices, and that is in the news and talk channels. Especially if you live in a small radio market, your choices for talk topics such as politics and religion can be very small if you have a choice at all. You can find political and religious programming to suite a wide variety of affiliations. And you will also have access to international news, which can help broaden your perspective on world events as well as those here at home.

Other entertainment choices including channels specializing in comedy and those replaying old time radio shows really helps to round out the available choices and makes it much easier to find something you will enjoy.

The biggest choice for those opting to try satellite radio would be where and when they want it to be available. Some services require a stationary satellite dish, much like satellite television. Others make receivers that can be mounted for use in your car. In some cases a receiver can be mounted into a base unit in both your car and home.


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