Warrior Tennis


Don’t try to win every tennis match, instead, focus on competing at a high level in them.

Tennis players go into matches with the wrong mindset and this is why many of them don’t compete well during their matches.

Before any match, do some warrior meditation many times by yourself in a quiet area, to get you mentally prepared for it.

Then get your on court training in and have a game plan for your opponent.

But when the match starts, adjust to the flow of it.

Do that by competing for every point, as hard and as smart as you can.

In other words, let the match come to you!!

Your match play theme should be this,

Play each point harder and more focused, than the last one, then breathe it away and get mentally ready to play the next one.

Make a note of that too in your tennis journal.

“The most important point, is always the next point.”

See if you can imprint that on your subconscious mind.

We can cut to the chase on this subject and talk about the real problem with most tennis players.

Which is,

Players aren’t competing at a high level and doing it consistently enough in their matches.

Well, I’m here to tell you that, “Tennis is all mental and it is all about competition”.

Sorry, but there is no getting around this fact either.

And keep this in mind.

If you don’t make that mental shift about competing, you will never become successful in this game.

Match play is all about giving everything that you have mentally on every point.

This is what warrior competition is all about!!

Look at Novak.

The guy is using warrior competition in every match and on a whole new level.

And the other guys aren’t.

Oh yeah, they will use it sometimes in their matches, then they let up or choke up!!

But Novak is using it non-stop in his matches.

Now you maybe thinking.

How do you become a tennis warrior?

By doing this.

“Consciously feel that you are becoming one on and off the court.”

This means acting the part 24/7, until you become the part.

Look at your matches as a movie and you are the director and the star of them, and then act the part as best you can.

Also, since you are the director too, you can replace the actor anytime that you want to!!

After every match, you have to ask yourself this tough question and write down the answer that you get.

“How well did I compete today out there?”


Source by Thomas Jay Daniels

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