US coronavirus updates: Latest on cases, deaths and reopening the country


Businesses stand temporarily closed in downtown Cartersville, Georgia, on April 22.
Businesses stand temporarily closed in downtown Cartersville, Georgia, on April 22. Dustin Chambers/Bloomberg/Getty Images

As Georgia businesses start to reopen today and into next week, business owners are expressing caution while also saying they need to open their doors in order to survive financially.

Mario Zelaya, CEO of Bad Axe Throwing, said most small business owners do not want to open up but they are compelled to do so, because of lease agreements and financial instability. 

“I think what the public really needs to realize is no one wants to open up. As business owners, we are all worried, we’re scared, we’re anxious. It’s not something we’re proud of doing. We are kind of waging our own war against survival,” Zelaya said. 

Greg Smith, who owns a gym in Martinez, Georgia, told CNN’s John King that he’s taking measures such as spacing out equipment by 10 feet, checking customers’ temperatures and buying an air filtration system. 

Smith said a few clients have expressed concerns but he thinks he’ll be able to keep a safe experience. 

Lester Crowell, owner of a hair salon in Marietta, Georgia, said he consulted with his employees about coming back to work. About half said they would return this week, and Crowell said the salon will be back to regular hours next week. 

“I definitely have hesitation. I’m anxious, I’m scared, I’m excited all at once. I’m just trying to rely on the advice of our local government,” Crowell said. 


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