Understanding Pulsated Light (IPL) Laser


Pulsated Light Laser is used through various laser machines including PhotoDerm, EpiLight, Aculight, Quantum, or Vasculight. Their strength lies in the fact that they can deliver the widest range of light from 515 nm to 1200 nm, which includes green, red, yellow, and infrared light. As laser hair removal is not hampered by the quality of the light, these machines deliver from very short 1millisecond to very long 1200 milliseconds. This includes total durations from 1 to 4 pulses or segments of light.

Although, purpose of these machines does not vary, what makes them different from each other is their capacity to bring light. Out of all these machines, it is the EpiLight that falls in the category of the most specific and advanced hair removal machines. As PhotoDerm constitutes the original machine developed for successfully treating facial Rosacea, yet EpiLight surpasses all the machines when it comes laser hair removal therapy. PhotoDerm is known to treat facial blood vessels, leg veins, and other blood vessels under its treatment plans. In fact, EpiLight has appeared after PhotoDerm and is a specialized improvement of PhotoDerm, which is specially developed treat unwanted hair.

The machine gained so much popularity that the first three users won special laurels and awards. At that time, there was a SuperFast EpiLight machine in the world developed a few years ago to DOUBLE the speed of EpiLight. In fact, the speed doubled from 3.0 to 1.5 seconds between pulses. Now, if you want to the fastest machine of hair removal, it is the SuperFast EpiLight. Combining the SuperFast EpiLight with Ultimate Light(TM) method enables to treat an entire back in approximately 30 minutes with gentle, fast, effective, and long-term results. There is another version, which we will discuss here and that is the Quantum or Aculight version of the EpiLight. Aculight is a simplified version designed to make it easier for novices or for non-physicians to operate EpiLight. One must note that similar to the simplified “presets” on the EpiLight or PhotoDerm machines, there are limited settings on “Quantum” or “Aculight” that makes them prone to potential damage caused by novice operators as they have fewer choices with them.

So, what can be derived from this is the fact that limited flexibility only serves to allow less experienced operators to utilize a technology directed towards flexibility and customizability of the system. It means that the overall effect depends on the machine operator rather than the capacity of the machine. That is to say that if an operator is an expert, he will deliver better and safer results using the system, even if he uses Ultimate Light(TM) pulsed light as he knows the widest range of settings. So, it is mandatory to understand that the amateur operator must treat patients only under the close supervision of an expert physician. One thing that must be kept in mind is the expert handling of the machines. So, it is expected that one must try to become master before carrying out laser therapies, especially laser hair removal session.


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