Types of Cricket Equipment


Cricket is the most popular game in the world played by almost all the countries. This bat and ball game was first discovered in 18th century by England. It is also the national game of England. Ever since cricket was invented, this game has gained popularity all over the world.

To get started with cricket, you would need a complete set of cricket equipment. The most important equipment you would need with respect to cricket is simply a cricket bat and a cricket ball. But there is lot more than that. Some of the other cricket equipments are cricket clothing, footwear, guards, gloves, stumps, helmets, caps, etc.

Cricket bat is the most important cricket equipment and is available in different weights. Starting from less weight bats for kids to heaviest weighing bats for professionals are available. You can choose a cricket bat based on a number of factors such as manufacturer or brand, age group, weight, size, and even price. Cricket bats weigh usually from 1.1 to 1.4kg. But there are no restrictions or standard followed in this regard. The handle of the bat is covered by using rubber or cloth to ensure firm grip.

There are various guards to protect the player from getting hurt while playing cricket. Helmet is used by batsmen and wicket keepers. Batsman should wear a protective glove for legs. Arm guard is also one of the protective cricket equipment which is used to protect arms. There are various other guards for protection like abdominal guards, chest guards, thigh pads, etc. However not all the players in a team are allowed to wear these protective guards. Only the batsmen and the wicket keeper are allowed to wear this kind of cricket equipment.


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