Tips on How to Kick a Soccer Ball


Learning how to kick a soccer ball may take you a while. As with everything else, practicing is the key. You should not worry if you can’t get it right directly, instead focus on doing right and the results will come, I promise. Now, let’s take at what you need to know while practicing on your soccer kick.

The Soccer Kick Do’s

  • The most powerful part used for kicking is the instep. This is the place where the shoe laces are. You should try to use this kicking technique while you are 15 yards or more from the goal.
  • Remember to keep your backing foot in line with the ball and slightly bend the leg. After you strike the ball, follow it through with a comprehensive motion.
  • Use the inner part of your foot to kick the ball.
  • The backing foot has to be pointed at the object and it has to be in contour with the ball.
  • Move your kicking foot back and forth from end to end of the ball with a sweeping action.
  • The ball has to move effortlessly along the ground.
  • Advanced kick can be accomplished with the outer surface of the foot
  • The backing foot has to be at an angle of 15º from the object.
  • Make sure that your foot is steadfastly locked in before you strike the ball.
  • Get into the habit of wearing soccer shoe so that you get the best ground grip
  • Make sure that your ball is not over-pumped because kicking it may hurt.
  • If you want the best distance and height you should not directly stand over the ball when kicking it. You can make it go higher by just leaning your back a bit.

If you want to learn how to kick a soccer ball properly then you must have purpose, continuity and commitment. The equipments needed are a soccer ball, boots, area to practice and last but not the least strong legs.


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