The Right Rugby Boots Can Make All the Difference


The technology and materials in the modern range of rugby boots use every ounce of the advances in sportswear and sports science. With titanium one of the common materials on the main kicking areas supposed to add power and increase accuracy when kicking, if a player messes up they can no longer say that it is the boots that are to blame. What is probably most startling about the new boots is the fact that they are lighter than ever, allowing rugby players to move about the park with pace. The modern boots are able to provide strength and support but can also feel as though they are moulded around the feet at times which will greatly help with acceleration and running away from markers in tight situations. The rugby players of ten or twenty years ago would be amazed at the changes in the footwear of the sport and the brilliant thing is, these advances are not just for the top class players, they are available for players at all levels.

There is no doubt that there has been a greater drive for fans and lower level players to wear the same kit as the established players and this has led to rugby boots makers and manufacturers to produce a very strong range of replica footwear products. The celebrity endorsements and big name brand logos will help youngsters have a greater affinity with the game and should encourage them to play the game more often. With so many different distractions on a child’s time, parents who want their offspring to take up rugby need to everything that they can to make the game seem more attractive to them and these products really help.

Of course, the whole point of these technological breakthroughs isn’t just to look good and part parents of their hard money, the advances in modern rugby boots definitely help make a difference in the top players. It is fair to say that the further down the leagues or skill group, the differences brought from a modern pair of boots may be less technical but it is likely to be more psychological. No matter what sport someone is playing, if they take pride in their appearance and work hard on the pitch, they will have every chance of becoming a success. Confidence is obviously no substitute for skill and effort but it can help a player improve their game and get a lot more enjoyment from their activity. Sports will always have an element of wanting to win about it but it is equally true that the game should be enjoyed and if a brightly coloured pair of rugby boots can help this, then it should be encouraged.

With so many different types of rugby boots on the market, there is something for every age group and every budget, which is great as rugby is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you are playing seriously or just enjoy a friendly game every so often, having the right footwear will help you get a lot more fun from your rugby playing.


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