The Greatest Hockey Player of All Time


Nothing compares to all sports who wield a certain kind of equipment than hockey. It can be played on the streets and on the ice depending on the season. Not as famous as basketball or baseball but certainly more popular and permanent than roller derby. Hockey is both physical and mental and spells out excitement to anyone who watches or plays the sport.

As to all team sports, it is always important to consider the finer points of the game, mainly scoring and defending. Offense is always good to consider, but defense is always invaluable. Someone once said “The best offense is a good defense”. In hockey, as with soccer (which has the keeper) the defender commands high respect and should be always physically and mentally prepared in facing an incoming offense.

One of the best of them is Douglas Norman Harvey, commonly called Doug Harvey by friends and fans alike. Doug Harvey, during his time was the talk of the town, the content of many hockey news in all the places that the sport is famous for. Sometime in 1998, Doug Harvey bagged the 6th rank on the 100 greatest hockey players featured on the magazine “The Hockey News” (A magazine dedicated to hockey). He was named in the all-star team for 11 consecutive times. He also won seven trophies for the best defenceman.

Doug Harvey isn’t just famous for his good defense. Back in his day, hockey players were treated like property. Paid with a low amount of money and no benefits, some of the players were afraid to even talk about this injustice fearing that they may lose their jobs. During this time, Harvey became a critic on how team owners earn all the money and was only paid a small fraction of the income. Harvey organized an organization for the players with the same mindset and this turned on him and was traded off team after team. This didn’t stop Harvey from being one of the greatest, in 1973, Doug Harvey was voted in the hockey hall of fame not only for his good defense, but also for his involvement in founding the player’s association.

Every time we hear the scores announced on the television or radio, or read the hockey news in the local and international newspapers; we would always remember that there are players to stomped their way in ice of the hockey hall of fame, and one of them was Doug Harvey.


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