Ten Most Popular Types of a Cricket Game


One of the most popular games in the UK and Australia is the Cricket, or what is so-called “The Gentleman’s Game” which can be traced back down to Tudor times. The first game was officially played in the 1600s by the royal families.

There are written evidences to prove that even the kings and princes were able to play this game which has become so popular nowadays.

What people can immediately see about it is that it is a bat-and-ball game and that two teams try to outdo each other in a match. However, only a few have known that there are ten different types of this game. And they are as follow…

1. County – it comprises of many first class matches which are played by different counties in England. There is, however, one county which is barred from playing this type, Glamorgan, located in Welsh county.

2. Twenty20 – it was first introduced in the UK in 2003 for domestic matches. However, T20 Cricket’s popularity grew and reached other countries that are also playing the cricket game.

3. Test – it is the longest type of cricket that would reach up to five days. But it is also the most reliable to measure how a team is made of.

4. Car – it is most popular in Britain where in the match is played while driving down the road in a car. The rules can be complicated because of its unusual equipment, the cars.

5. One Day – it is yet another good alternative for four-day or five-day cricket. It uses white cricket balls and colored uniforms which add to the excitement of the spectators.

6. First Class – it is the oldest type of cricket which has been practiced long since the introduction of Test cricket. Moreover, it is usually played by the teams within the country. Most often, First Class Cricket is played during domestic matches.

7. List A – the International Cricket Council introduced this new type in 2006. It serves almost the same purpose as with the First Class Cricket.

8. Indoor – the first game of this type of cricket was played indoor in Perth, Australia in 1970s. Slowly, it has gained popularity and is now recognized to be a better alternative of the traditional outdoor game.

9. Kwik – for the countries that recognize cricket as a great sport, Kwik Cricket is considerably popular. This one’s for children to train them for future professional cricket game. Children use plastic bats and balls to avoid injuries.

10. Club Cricket– it is usually played by the amateurs wherein all the rules and laws of cricket are applied to their full extent to practice non-professional players. This is to prepare them into the world of professional cricket.


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