Soccer Cleat Mistakes Every Serious Player Should Avoid


Feet comfort is very important when playing soccer considering that they are exposed to a lot of beating during play. Soccer involves a lot of movement, running and kicking and the feet need to remain at their most comfortable for players to be able to give their best performances out in the field of play. It makes it important to choose the best soccer cleats and with so many options available, players are now able to choose comfortable fitting soccer cleats some with features to prevent potential injuries.

Manufacturers are ever coming up with new technologies to offer players better play experiences wearing the soccer cleats. Serious players looking for the best ones ought to be attentive so as not to make mistakes that could compromise their performance. Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid if you are a serious player when choosing and using your soccer cleats.

Buying for looks only – It is okay to want to look your best wearing soccer cleats in colors and style you love most. However, this won’t do you any good if they turn out to be uncomfortable or poor in quality. The best approach would be to pay attention to the comfort and durability before then choosing a style and color that you love the most. Top soccer cleat brands are embracing stylish looking designs hence it should not be that hard to find a good pair that is high in quality, comfortable in every sense and matching your sense of style too.

Sticking with the most expensive options – Prices are usually commanded by brand and features. This does not, however necessarily mean that you stand to enjoy superior quality with the most expensive ones available. The feature making it that expensive may not even turn out to be helpful to you as a player as you thought. It is wise to look out for elements that are meaningful to your play experience instead of wasting too much money on a pair of soccer cleats that do not add that value to you.

Wrong break-in – It may be necessary to break-in your soccer cleats before using them in a competitive match. However, the wrong break-in procedure will only end up damaging them. For instance the use of heat as a quick way of breaking into your soccer cleats can be quite damaging. The same is the case with soaking them in the water to enjoy the effects. Find the best methods of breaking-in depends on the materials it is made from so you do not damage them in the name of making them comfortable.

Overusing them – It is another mistake that will drain the life off your footwear faster than you anticipated. Avoid wearing the same pair to practices and matches; instead it would be a good idea to have a few quality pairs you can alternate to give each a break. Owning more than one pair will save you costs in repairs and replacements in the long run.


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