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David Beckham was undoubtedly one of my favorite football player in the last decade. He launched his very first soccer skills DVD in the year 2004 and I immediately bought this DVD to give it a try.

Here's my personal review of the David Beckham's soccer skills DVD.

An attractive rectangular-shaped DVD case includes two sets of DVD; Disc 1 and Disc 2. Disc 1 covers the main program and Disc 2 covers the extras like Behind the Scenes.

Select your favorite or weakest skill and drill through a user-friendly main menu interface.

Disc 1

The main program shows every football skills and drills like crossing, space making skills, free kicks etc personally guided by David himself.

Basic Skills : ball control and turning skills (eg Cruyff Turn)

Off-the-ball skills : a) Defending skills: closing down and defending

b) Attacking skills: space making skills, forward play and working for space

Passing skills : passing and long balls (eg chipping)

Finishing and Set-Pieces : finishing and free kicks

All football skills are explained in greater depth and shown in step by step with slow motion. One of the 'cool' features I found in this DVD is the split screen showing both the step by step and the execution in 'real' time.

David also guide the kids with his personal experiences by encouraging them to improve their weaker foot and also the importance of first touch in a 'real' football match.

Disc 2

Special Features

Extra Footage
You'll be able to see what's behind the making of this DVD involving David Beckham and other crews. The kids in this DVD have a once in lifetime chance to ask questions regarding David's personal life and professional career. I personally love to watch the kids playing a football game with David. Some of it are funny and some are interesting.

Special Effects
A 'cool' feature for those who likes to know more about the technology used to motion capture, time slice and slow motion effects. I found this one to be interesting because I get to study David's movement and technique in absolute detail.

David's Football Highlights
Watch David Beckham's important moments for Manchester United, England and possibly in footballing history. Some of you may want to replay his goal from the half way line against Wimbledon in 1996.

Users are able to print out the coaching plan of the skills and drills so that you can always refer and practice.

My Recommendation

Newbies in soccer are recommended to watch this comprehensive DVD as you'll learn the skills and drills related to the actual situation in football matches and also receive useful tips from David himself.

However it lacks entertaining skills like step overs which might go against 'artistic' players. Experience players may like to reinforce certain basic skills that they're weak at. Until now I'm still watching this DVD to improve my weaker left foot.

In general, the DVD is great, user friendly along with good replay value at an affordable price.


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