Project Manager Makes Use of Rugby to Develop a Agile Approach


Sport is often perceived as an analogy for some ideas of engineering. One of the more unique ideas has been to use it to discuss the ideas of program management. Program management is a fairly stable discipline and has structured lots of its processors. When launched of the net and the speed required to deliver some complicate integrated systems. Users have found unique methods to process these familiar challenges.

  • Agile project managers.
  • Scrum methodology.
  • Iterative development.
  • Open source ideas.
  • Delivering early and often.

Some project managers have taken the athletics approach in a new direction. As an example of using the game of rugby to describe a fascinating and pacey approach. They have designed on the scrum pattern and developed the concept to include other aspects of the game.

The venture of rugby is very much a physically bruising match-up. People often describe social networking is a contact sport, but so if project management to a matter of fact. Take for granted one of the steady tenants of rugby is having to tackle problems.

The idea of rugby project management is just an expansion of the scrum which is often used in Agile. Rugby also showcases aspects of sometimes congregate and decide the run backwards in order to make forward progress. Another important aspect of rugby is a concept of organizing teams.

Groups of players will often organize on demand as the game progresses and as rules dictate. Many of the concepts can be extrapolated into managing projects in an agile fashion. Agile project management calls for much shorter and faster short cycle tasks.

The whole idea is to divide tasks into backlogs of activities and produce code into close to ready as soon as possible. Some of the guiding principals of agile are quickness, changeability and agility. The ideas can be used in just about all coding and programming projects, but not without challenges.

It’s quite possible to use this technique in report writing. A number of applications such as Actuate lend themselves easily to the fast project enhancement process. The idea is to connect with the product owner sooner rather than later as a joint coder.

The whole project team forms into more compact scrum like units and meet daily to review and go through backlogs. With the target of delivering real stable solutions in under 2 month increments. Its fairly easy to approach projects like report writing with these concepts in mind. When you become familiar with the rugby paradigm it will become much simpler. It’s much more beneficial to have teams including product owner involved earlier in the routine.


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