Prince William’s reason he’s not watching ‘Tiger King’ will make you laugh


The buzzy Netflix docuseries about a big cat enthusiast has been a hit for the streaming service, but Prince William doesn’t sound like he will be adding it to his queue.
The future king of England made an appearance on Stephen Fry’s “Big Night In” where he had a bit of fun chatting about life in quarantine.

Fry, playing his TV character Lord Melchett, asked about home schooling, which prompted His Royal Highness to chuckle, saying, “It’s been a nightmare, really.”

Then Prince William asked Fry, “By the way have you seen anything good on TV? It’s hell without ‘EastEnders.'”

“They tell me ‘Tiger King’ is rather good,” Fry, as Lord Melchett, replied.

“I tend to avoid shows about royalty,” Prince William said.

Good one, Wills!

Yes, it was a comedy bit, but is it just us, or does it sound like the Duke of Cambridge means it?

No offense, producers of “The Crown!”


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