Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel – So Many Variations, So Little Time


The Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel is one of the most recognized symbols of the Pittsburgh Steelers Fan base. With so many different towels to choose from, it can be difficult to find the real towels that have both fanatic and collectible value.

First, the Myron Cope’s Original is a must have for Steelers fans and collectors. No collection (be it modest or vast) is complete without this towel. Here’s a little story from an online encyclopedia about how the Terrible Towel even came about:

Created in 1975 by then Steelers radio broadcaster Myron Cope, the Towel has since become “arguably the best-known fan symbol of any major pro sports team”. Since its invention, The Terrible Towel has spread in popularity; fans take their Towel to famous sites while on vacation. The Towel has been taken to the peak of Mount Everest, into space on the International Space Station and seen on Saturday Night Live. It is widely recognized as a symbol of the Steelers and the city of Pittsburgh.

Proceeds from sales of the Towel have raised over US$3 million for a Pennsylvania school which cares for people with mental retardation and physical disabilities. The Terrible Towel is credited with being the first “rally towel” and its success has given rise to similar products promoting other teams. Numerous versions have been produced; almost all are black and gold in color with the words “Myron Cope’s Official The Terrible Towel” printed on the front. In October 2009 a pink Terrible Towel was sold to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.

This brings us to our next “must have”. The Pink version is not only great for the promotion of Breast Cancer, but it is a great symbol for the empowered female Steelers Fan.

The Black Edition is another classic. The towel has the same attributes and dimensions as the Original Terrible Towel, but comes in black.

The Hall of Fame Edition is sort of plain, if you ask me. However, simplicity can pay off as the towel’s logos do not distract from the actual rally rag.

The Steelers Six Time Super Bowl Champions Edition is the most recent Super Bowl Rally Rag on the market. It highlights, colorfully, the logos from each of the six Super Bowls won by the Pittsburgh Steelers. This towel is certainly an upgrade from the rather boring Five Time Super Bowl Champions Edition from a few years ago.

The Toddler Towel makes a great addition to any collection of Steelers collectibles. This Towel is a miniature version of the Original Terrible Towel. It has frayed edges and highlights the word “Toddler” so everyone can know if you have little ones who are proud to be Steelers fans. (This Towel is a GREAT gift for baby showers)

There are a few other versions that some may consider putting in their collections, but are pretty self expanatory: Steelers 40th Super Bowl Edition, 75th Anniversary of Football Edition, and the Terrible Beach Towel.


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