PCB – An Example of Indiscriminate Decision Making


Winning games is about holding nerves. When Pakistan lost the Sydney test it was just some nervous play by the players. The PCB on the other hand has dropped so many players and imposed bans and fines on so many other players. The PCB is certainly not justified and the whole act is just rush of blood. Players like Umar Akmal are the future of Pak cricket. Stars such as Younis and Yousuf have always given their best for the cause of the team. Somehow the Pak team are not professionals like their Aussie counterparts and so did not finish the job of converting a session into an easy victory.

This is not the first instance that the PCB has acted indiscriminately. Let us take the example when some players were rounded up for drug usage before IPL. Let us also look into the incident when M. Asif was banned for infighting with Shoaib Akthar and also for testing positive before IPL. The whole world knows that Mohamed Asif is a player who gives his best and has bowled some superb spells for Pak against Sri Lanka, India and Australia. The PCB makes him a scape goat for anything and everything. Seems that he is not aggressive to sue the PCB and takes everything lying down.

It is very unfortunate to see PCBs stand against the cog of the team the players. The PCB should just institute a committee to oversee performance and make sure that the players gel well as a team and deliver when it matters most. Just blaming innocent players for disciplinary acts is not justified at all.

Maybe some super power should now bring all the boards under its administration. This act by the PCB is similar to the state government calling for a national wide emergency. The PCB should be mediated by some higher authority and such indiscriminate acts by Governing bodies like the PCB should also be monitored for corruption.


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