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Wise homeowners deserve the opportunity to highlight their windows with Norman Shutters, the finest shutters available. With over 30 years of manufacturing excellence, they are the world’s biggest manufacturer of window fashions. They bring great pride in exceeding customer expectations with expert craftsmanship, without equal beauty, competitive pricing and distinctive products. Norman Shutters’ extensive collection allows you to attain the ideal match for your windows, your house and your life – in austere hardwoods, enduring composites, or innovative polymers.

Woodlore shutters are intended to provide utmost performance at a reasonable price. Woodlore shutters start with a premium, solid, MDF composite wood core. They make use of entirely the greatest MDF materials and technology. UV inhibitors protect against color fading and yellowing. Their patented polypropylene coating resists staining to guarantee long-term performance in a choice of environments. Woodlore shutters endure temperatures up to 140 degrees F. They won’t sag when exposed to window heat. Furthermore, they thwart cupping and warping, ensuring a tight closure and smooth panel and louver operation. Woodlore shutters are available in an assortment of classic colors and may be ordered with an array of made-to-order design options. They offer an enduring, distinctive accent to any window.

From desert-dry to moist and humid, the Woodbury line of Norman Shutters keeps looking its best in any climate condition. Woodbury Shutters feature UV-inhibiting finishes to perpetuate their brilliance and are tested for excessive heat deflection temperature to ensure that your investment is protected against warping, chipping and cracking – even in the most excessive temperatures. The remarkable stableness of Woodbury Shutters comes from incorporating the same state-of-the-art ABS co-polymer substance used in automobile parts, football helmets and other applications needing tough, resilient materials. Formulated specifically for strength, Woodbury Shutters remain amazingly lightweight and tasteful. Woodbury Shutters are solid – unlike hollow vinyl plantation shutters – with substantial louvers that won’t rattle. Heavy-duty structural joints make an enduring frame fabricated with the same care and craftsmanship found in discriminating furniture.

Normandy provides discerning homeowners a custom-made hardwood shutter at an affordable price. Why compromise quality for price when you can have both? Enhanced design options make your shutter designing and customization decisions simple. For the the most brilliance and resilience, they use multiple sequences in prepping the wooden surface for the finish – be it paint or stain. This necessary and labor-intensive process creates the most favorable surface, resulting in an uniquely grained and luminous finish. Normandy’s wooden grain characteristics are outstanding. With stain, the distinctive wood grain has an enhanced depth and character with the texture of the timber being defined. Like your home window shutters smooth? Their contemporary paints gleam on the satin polished surface. Whatever your personal style – warm and rustic or sleek and refined – you are sure to find the most desirable match for your decor.

The austere Sussex line is nothing short of wonderful. Masterfully crafted from select basswood and other hardwoods, Sussex Shutters are intended to attractively complement any window in the most distinguished style. The most desirable heirloom furniture is manufactured with quarter-sawn wood to ensure generations of durability, and so are all Sussex Shutter louvers. In quarter-sawing, the wood is harvested from logs in a way that makes it less inclined to inherent cupping, twisting and warping. This method provides the wood remarkable soundness and toughness. A designer palette of 50 paints and stains optimize your design potential. Select from a diversity of classic stains and sophisticated paints. Can’t decide on a color? Sussex Shutters can be custom color matched for any color inspiration. Whatever your preference, you are sure to find the most fitting hue to complement your decor like nothing before.

All windows are not crafted equal. The Woodbury, Normandy and Sussex specialty collection includes shapes in advance of the conventional square and rectangle. If you have arches, hexagons, sliding or French doors, or other unusual window openings – they have you covered. Their specialty plantation shutters may be crafted to fit all but any window opening. Now, every window in your home can be dressed with a Woodbury, Normandy or Sussex Window shutters.

In their wood shutters quarter-sawn louvers provide a tighter grain that results in long-lasting louvers which counteract bowing and warping. Their wood window shutters have multiple layers of wood that are bonded together to sustain the steadfastness of the core of the stile-making for a robust and hearty support system for your shutter panel. Traditionally used in demanding furniture building construction, mortise-and-tenon joints are designed to counteract the shear stress, and racking forces that occur when operating a shutter. This makes the mortise-and-tenon an ideal joint for plantation shutters. Prescription Wood Conditioning, their patented wood drying technique dries the wood to mimic the environmental conditions of the location where the shutters will be installed. This practice furthermore reduces post installation shrinking and swelling.

Each Norman Shutter is custom for your window. We utilize authentic custom handcrafting without pre-fabrication and short-cuts that can compromise quality. Their shutters are constructed to enjoy for a lifetime and their custom construction is the most desirable way to ensure a precise, faultless fit for generations to come. Like any home investment, only plantation shutters of great quality will offer long-term quality and help build up your home’s increase in worth. This requires the right materials, handcrafting processes, cutting-edge technology and quality control systems used to create Norman Shutters.


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