NFL Playoffs – The Pros and Cons of the Halftime Show


The National Football League (NFL) is in its first week of the highly anticipated playoff season. With upsets, blow-outs, and recurring wild card trends, fans all over the country are rooting for their favorite teams. The best part about the NFL playoffs is if you don't have cable like me, you are guaranteed to see every game. For hardcore fans it's crucial to see every team. And if that's not enabled, to be able to see game highlights is definitely a must. That is one advantage to playoff game half-time shows. While they're necessary for both fans and the players, half-time shows can be both beneficial and a nuisance.

Why might you not like the half-time shows? Well, if you have a highly scheduled weekend, seeing every game can be a difficult task. And when there comes a time when you want to see every minute of your favorite teams play, half-time shows can get in the way. Think about it. If the game starts at noon and you have somewhere to be right at three o'clock, the half-time show actually works against you. As much as you want to see those other game highlights, this break in the game might cause you to miss the most exciting final game plays of the year. Likewise, if your job is to man the grill, your house-mates might just use it against you if you don't get your butt up and prepare the grill. If you do happen to get yourself off the couch, you will have a higher chance of missing parts of the game or getting the channel turned on you. That is the worst.

However, half-time shows in the NFL are necessary and truly advantageous. Not only do they allow you to see all those hot plays you might have missed, but you can see how all your other division teams are doing. Especially during the playoff season, it's very necessary to know what is happening in all the other games. Half-time shows are also great for busy people who want to use this break in the game to quickly throw the clothes in the dryer and cook up a quick dinner. This break is great for the NFL players to rest and regain confidence and excellent for you at home to get chores done before an anticipated second half.


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