Match Mate Rookie Tennis Ball Machine


The Match Mate Rookie Tennis Ball Machine is a great entry level ball machine. This tennis machine is manufactured right here in the United States by Match Mate. The Match Mate Rookie throws up to twenty seven miles per hour, which is all you need for a novice and young tennis player. As you increase the speed, the ball machine will put a heavy topspin on the ball to challenge the more experienced beginners. The lower the speed, the more suitable the machine is for young children. The machine can be dialed down to ten miles per hour to accommodate the younger players. It can hold up to seventy balls, so you can continuously practice for an extended period of time.

The Match Mate Rookie has a ten second ball feed delay to make sure you get into position to hit the ball. The Rookie Tennis Ball Machine has a high grade aluminum outer shell which protects it from incoming tennis balls as well as other players. All internal components are made of the same high grade aluminum or steel. The fact that the machine is in a box shape and only weighs twenty-two pounds makes it easy to transport from the tennis courts to your car. It also has a very easy control system. The battery allows for five to seven hours of court time, which is plenty enough to get all the swings in you need for the day. The battery is rechargeable and durable. This is currently the only wheel driven machine that is geared towards younger athletes and beginners.

This ball machine focuses on kids learning the basics of tennis. It does not have oscillation built in because it wants kids to make sure they have the fundamentals. This machine is great for many different uses. It can be used at home in the driveway or up at the tennis courts. It can also be used by tennis clubs with a lot of younger players, as well as tennis camps and clinics for children. This machine is recommended for aspiring tennis players between the ages of four and twelve. This machine will serve any tennis player well for many years to come. It is also back by a two year manufacturer’s warranty. The Match Mate Rookie Tennis Ball Machine is the best machine available for what it is trying to accomplish, which is help young players progress into great competitors on the court.


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