List of players for Football Award(latest players rankings 2020)

List of players for Football Award(latest players rankings 2020)

Messi was the Winner of Best fifa football award 2019. Lets see who were shorlisted for the award. Check this article for Latest players rankings.

Football is a famous game which is played all around the world. Children from 5 years to men up to no specific age love the game. Its fans are present all around the globe which is why they keep themselves aware from the latest news about football. In this post we will talk about players rankings so lets see who is on top in latest Rankings 2019.

There is long lasting fight between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for the Number one Position. Both the players plays a good game and both have a thousands of fans in stands. Every year around ten players are shortlisted for the Best fifa Football award but every football fan have eyes on only these two players. These two have impressed everyone with their magic tricks.

Currently there are ten players who are in the list for Best Football Award 2019. The lists include some of the new players as well who impressed everyone while playing games for their respective countries and clubs. So Now lets see who are in the Top Ten.

  • Harry Kane From Tottenham( Harry Kane is the younger player and plays for tottenham. He is in the list for the Best football Award 2019 because his performance was superb in the recent games)
  • Kylian Mbappe From Paris saint Germain. ( Kylian Mbappe plays for PSG and had shown some good performance in the recent games. Therefore he is in the list for Best football award 2019)
  • Virgil van Dijk¬† From liverpool( He plays for liverpool and is the most important player for his team. Currently he plays a good game therefore he is in the list for the Award)
  • Mohamed Salah From Liverpool( Mohamed salah also belongs to liverpool. This season liverpool was on top because of his performance in the games)
  • Lionel Messi From Bercelona( Almost every football fan knows how he play the game and he needs no introduction.
  • Sadio Mane From Liverpool. ( Sadio Mane also plays for liverpool and is currently in the list for the Best football Award)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo From Juventus. ( The other famous football who recently joined Juventus and is in the list of top football players)
  • Frenkie De Jong From Barcelona(He belongs to barcelona club and he had impressed his fans by playing god game)
  • Eden Hazard From Real Madrid. ( The player belong to real madrid club and is in the list of Best players Award)
  • Matthijs de Ligt From Juventus( Di ligt belongs to Juventus team. He is also in the line for Award)

The winner of the best football player award was also announced recently. Can you Guess who was the winner this time. Everyone can Guess it right because it was no one other than The Great LIONEL MESSI. He is the one and only player who got Fifa best player 2019 Award. This is Lionel Messi sixth Award and this is why we say He belongs to Another Planet.

Lionel Messi has added six Best football awards to his name which is the most number of Awards got by a Single player.

We wish him best of luck for the future games.

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