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Interesting thing about sport articles is that a lot of things in, and around the sporting arenas can be read out as most of these articles cover a large number of sporting events. Whether it's hot news about the sex scandal of famous golfer Tiger Woods or the spicy story on Shoaib / Sania's wedding.

Most of the sport articles are based on sensational news regarding the hot team players. Sometimes these articles focuses on their personal affair and matrimonial life as well as in the recent articles the smashing hit news was the unforgettable top ten chart of Tiger Woods. Mostly the news makers were surrounding the whereabouts of the famous golfer and sneaking into his private domain.

As a matter of fact, sports have become a profitable business and more and more investors are invading in this field. Currently the popular media is grabbing its share out of this catchy and trendy business but instead of hiring the mature professionals, critics are coming out of the job market.

Their job is to criticize, as they are expert in this field. More over majority of famous sports stars are always complaining about the irresponsible behavior of these critics.

No doubt readers have a right to get the first hand information on computer screen and in the newspapers but the standard of the content should always be kept in mind.

But on the same time excellent work can also be seen at different news channels and on their web sites, where the articles are always to the point and presented without any exaggeration. The nonfictional prose should be in very comprehensive ways as it fulfills the basic need of information rather than manipulation of the event.

The results reveal that sports magazines and their contents can made understanding between readers and writers can have a positive impact on boosting morale and improving the sports and its motivation and productivity in the sporting events.

All sports magazines should encourage the families and children in sports activities at a younger age that might ensure a long term practice in adulthood with expected medical benefits.

As the forthcoming football World Cup is in the lime light in the most sports contents. Such sporting event which is expected to have a major impact on the working world as 70% of men and 62% of women resident in England said that it will make have an impact on their working lives by boosting morale if the team does well, creating a team spirit and providing a healthy environment for sports inclusion. Other major events, such as Wimbledon, T20, and the Rugby World Cup, had and will continue to act as catalysts for communication and bonding.

So what can these articles do to harness the positive effects produced by sport in the workplace on a daily basis in order to reap the benefits of higher morale and spirit evoked by such events. Yes it's the sport value of all these contents which leads the reader to a certain stage. And the purpose should be very noble to entertain the common reader in a very light way as the frustration level would decrease after reading these articles.


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