India Vs NZ – T20 – Let The Game Begin


Cricket is a game that was known in two formats – Test matches and One Day Internationals. Now with the advent of a new format, cricket lovers are in for a treat. A much shorter and a more exciting format will definitely pull more crowds to cricket matches.

A twenty twenty game, abbreviated as T20 is a 20 over cricket game between two teams. It started in England as a professional inter county competition. Test matches and One day matches dominated cricket till the new format entered the picture. As of now the new format of the game is the most exciting form of cricket played between two teams. Even non cricket fans enjoy watching matches and people flock to buy their T20 tickets for matches. Watching this form of cricket is super thrilling and exciting.

Even non cricket lovers have warmed up to the newer format of the game and you will definitely find non cricket enthusiasts in line to buy their T20 tickets for the pure thrill of watching the format. The inaugural ICC world Twenty-twenty cup was played in South Africa in 2007. India were the winners of the first edition of the twenty twenty format. The 4th edition of the ICC twenty-twenty world cup will be played in Sri Lanka with the first game on 13th September 2012. Cricket lovers and critics have pointed out to the issue of fatigue caused due to the shorter form of the game. Players seem to get injured more often, but this has not stopped this form of the game from being the most exciting format of cricket yet.

T20 tickets are being sold like hot cakes in Sri Lanka, everybody wants a piece of the action. With the Indians winning the first edition, Pakistan the second and England the third, most teams have equally strong probabilities of winning this years edition of the world cup. Teams such as Australia and South Africa amongst others are raring to go. Hopefully Dhoni’s team brings the cup back for the second time. Indian cricket fans and non cricket fans are sure to rejoice if the cup were brought back again!

Currently, India has just finished completing a whitewash over New Zealand in the recently completed test matches. They are now slated to play two T20 internationals against New Zealand. With a team as powerful as India’s, New Zealand is going to have a hard time gaining an upper hand over India. New Zealand as a team has definitely deteriorated over the years. In every format of the game they are being beaten comprehensively, and the team doesn’t look as strong as it was a few years ago. The two games between India and New Zealand is the perfect prequel to the upcoming world tournament. This is sure to boost up T20 tickets sales for the world cup. From a preparation point of view these two matches between the two teams will provide the perfect practice platform before both teams go for the T20 cricket world cup. If New Zealand need to perform well, they better get things going in these two matches.


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