How Bad Is Coaching In Tennis?


Tennis coaches need to read this article with an open mind and think about what I am going to say, in a moment to you guys.

Here is the story.

I tweeted this out yesterday,

“Tennis parents, ask your coaches how many reps will your child be getting in their lessons.”

So another coach came back with,

“No, that’s not right, because my student’s parents aren’t paying me to be a ball machine.”

See, this is exactly why coaching is at an all time low in the game of tennis.

The fact is this.

As far as coaching your top players, you will be focusing more on practice matches, tactics and strategies, but for the other junior players that you will be coaching, they will need to add more weapons to their game and the best way to do this is by leveraging the reps in your junior program.

Coaches think they are getting paid to talk all the time (I’m serious too), to show how great they are to the parents, instead of using the reps more, to help their students leap frog the learning curve!!

Just think about it for a minute.

“If your juniors learn faster in your lessons, they can start competing faster and you can bring them along at a faster rate and look like a great coach. “

What we are talking about is Modern Coaching in this post.

The best coaches know that less is more.

Modern Coaching is first imprinting the image on your student’s subconscious mind through shadow swings or video and then having them start on the repetitions and stay with them, until they discover the stroke.

That means.

Your job as a coach, isn’t to disrupt that discovery process by breaking their rhythm during the reps, but to guide them through the process with thoughtful questions and having them keep making the needed adjustments with their swing and figuring it out on their own eventually.

I have been coaching now for more than 25 years and it is time for us to look at the word COACH and redefine what it really means.

A great coach is one who sets up the perfect lessons, by guiding and supporting their students and leading them to the desired outcome.

And as you can see.

My coaching philosophy has changed a lot over the years.

I used to be just like the coach above(It used to be all about my ego).

I was always trying to impress my student’s parents.

But then I found out that,

Less talk and more reps= my students getting faster and better results, with me observing the process!!

Which is a win, win situation for everybody.

Wouldn’t you agree?


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