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All of us have our opinion on almost everything. And if you are passionate about something, then there is no limit to your opinions. Cricket fans are perhaps the most vocal ones about their views and opinions. They have an opinion on almost everything that is happening both on and off the cricket pitch. In fact, this is one healthy trend that suitably reflects public opinion, and likes and dislikes about everything related to the game. Nothing works in isolation and so the views and opinions of fans are crucial for players who play the game of cricket, and also for administrators who run the game.

The web is the hub for such cricket forums. Cricket being a very popular game, there are several sites that cater exclusively to anything related to cricket. The revolution in the information sector has made things really simple for all of us. No matter in which corner of the world we live in, we can see live cricketing action that is taking place anywhere in the world. If by any chance you happen to miss out on the live action on television, then online websites will come to your rescue. There are several online sites that give ball by ball coverage of an ongoing live cricket match.

There is something or the other that is taking place in the cricketing field. It can be anything that you have an opinion on, like team selected for a tour or the combination of the final playing eleven. Well, you can always have your say on any issues about cricket that concerns you. In cricket forum, you can discuss on any topic that is presently being discussed on the forum, or start a new topic that you feel strongly about and want to share your views and options with other people. It is not that you will get to discuss about only cricket related issues on these forums, you can discuss about any other thing that you may feel like doing.

Cricket forum is not the only thing that cricket websites provide for cricket fans like you. You can get to know about all the happenings that are going on in the cricketing world, both on field and off field activities. You can also listen to podcast provided by some of these online cricketing sites and listen to expert comments about any issues related to cricket.

That is not all, in fact you get to select your own team too and see them live in action on a cricket field. This is possible through fantasy cricket. It is an online game where you can select your team from amongst the international players who are playing a certain tournament and see for yourself how they perform. You can win or lose a game of fantasy cricket strictly on the basis of the performances put up by the players you have selected to be a part of your team. So make sure that you select the best players for your team, if you want to win the game of fantasy cricket. There are many things in an online cricket website other than cricket forum.


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