Different Soccer Passing Methods


Passing techniques are important to keep possession and control of the ball. You can use many parts of your foot for passing. But remember that the simplest and the most precise procedure for short distance passes are to make use of the inside of the foot, since this gives a large flat surface to the ball.

When you want to perform a long pass, you may use the instep .You must make use of the heel to pass the ball behind you. And in case you want to pass the ball quickly to the side then you can make use of the outside of your foot. You can also bend and pass the ball around an opponent.

The simplest short pass can be made by holding your head over the ball and keeping your body well balanced. Then kick the ball with the inside of the foot. As this is the flattest part of the foot it will help you to kick the ball easily. You can use this kind of pass to score short range goals. You can also use it for penalties as this part of foot is most reliable. The only disadvantage of the inside part of your foot is that it is not very powerful.

Corner kicks, crosses and long balls can also be passes if the ball reaches any of your team mates. You can use the long ball tactics effectively if you have a tall player in your team. This player must also possess strong heading capacity. You can also use the long ball method with a fast forward that can run behind your opponent’s defense.

However, you will really need to have good precision when performing a long pass in order to benefit from it. It is always advisable to have short and precise passes so that the ball is in your possession and you can build an attack.

One simple drill for improving your passing skills is to so practice with three balls. However, to perform it you will need to have two teams with equal number of players on both sides. Once you get the signal from the coach each player has to “try and steal” as many balls as possible.

As there are three balls and two teams, obtaining possession of more than two balls will not be easy. At the end of the game, the team with most balls will also have the player with best passing skills.


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