Dan Fouts Biography – NFL History


Football Biography Team: San Diego Chargers

Number: 14

Position: Quarterback

Height: 6'3 "

Weight: 210 LBS

For 15 years, Dan Fouts was the flight commander of the San Diego Charger 'air attack. Fouts made a career firing bullets through NFL defenses. He threw long, he threw short and he threw often. More than just San Diego's big gun, however, he was also the team's leader. Rock solid, smart and one of the toughest men to ever take a snap. Fouts earned the respect of his teammates with his inspiring play under pressure. Standing in the pocket until his deepest receiver broke into the clear, Fouts absorbed unbelievable punishment in order to fire off one bomb after another. Even when the hour was the bleakest, he would implore the defense to get him the ball just one more time, and that's all he needed for another downfield attack.

Highlights include:

  • AFC top rated passer in 1979
  • NFL MVP in 1982
  • 2 time NFL TD Passing Leader
  • 4 time NFL passing yards leader
  • 6 time Pro Bowl selection
  • Surpassed 40,000 passing yards in 1986
  • 51 Career 300 yard games
  • Was inducted into the NFL football hall of fame in 1993.

Did you know?

  • When Dan Fouts left the University of Oregon in 1973, he owned 19 of the school's offensive records.
  • During the 1982 NFL players strike, Fouts organized and ran the Chargers unofficial workouts.
  • A three sport athlete in high school, Fouts figured football was his best chance for a career since he couldn't dunk or hit a curve ball.


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