Cricket Records Are Meant To Be Broken


Records they say are meant to be broken and this not in any way stop them from making or breaking records. That’s the beauty of any records and cricket records more then any records are what drive fans to follow the game passionately. Well you must understand that it is not only cricket records that are talked about by the public, but the records in any other sports are equally spoken by fans and flowers of that cricket. The game of cricket is one that involves lots of passion, commitment and action on the part of players that are paying on the field. It is not easy to be part of a playing eleven and play the game, one need to put in lots of hard work for this. It is not at all an easy task and if you are a cricketer you probably know about all this.

Cricket records are one thing which influences lots of players to play the game and give it their best shot. Generally records are divided into two broad categories into One Day International records and Test match records. These records are further divided into different sub categories and records of all the events related to the field of cricket are maintained. Cricket record are made all levels where the game is played, so the record can be made at the zonal level, state level, local level, national level and international level. All the records that are made at the international level are recognized by the ICC or International Cricket Council, the recognized world body for governing the game.

Well it is very important to earn the recognition when a record is made or broken and what better way to earn recognition them your cricket record being recognized by the ICC. In One day internationals there are many milestones and records which have been made in fielding, batting, bowling and many other aspects of the game. Other then these records there are also individual records about the players who have scored the highest number of centuries, half centuries, duck and players who have had the highest number of score in the nineties. All these records besides many other records are maintained under the One Day International records by the International Cricket Council.

There are several cricket records which appear that they will never be overtaken, but we just have to wait and one day in future we will soon see all the records crumbling. Sachin Tendulkar of India is one contemporary cricket player who ah several records in his name both in the One Day and test cricket. He holds the record of scoring nine centuries in a calendar year and this is one record which will need lots of time to be broken by any player. To break nay type of cricket record, a player needs to play the game really well and for this he needs to have a fit body. It is not easy to continue playing the game year after year if one is not in their prime physical condition. Many players are motivated by the very though of breaking cricket records set by their icons.


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