Cricket Records are an Inspiration for New Players


Records are meant to be broken and this is the reason why we see so many cricket records are overtaken by players and teams playing international and national cricket. Records are one thing which always gives the boost to a player for giving his best on the field for his team and fans. Cricket is a hugely popular game and these days you can find almost everywhere people playing the game. Be it in the lanes, a park in the neighborhood or a stadium, fans only need a little free space and they can begin to play with bat and ball. Cricket records are one element which many people want to achieve in their playing career.

There are different cricket records which have been set by some great players and some wonderful teams as well. Since the inception of the game of cricket, it has been played by players who are ordinary, mediocre and extra ordinary. And it is those extra ordinary players who have set many cricket records, which have been a source of inspiration for many future players and new comers to the game of cricket. The Cricket World Cup which is scheduled to be held in West Indies in the month of March is sure to see many cricket records being set.

World Cup is the most awaited event in the world of cricket. After all, this event takes place after every four years and this is the reason why every payer wants to give their best performance there and win the world cup for his team. The fifth one day international match played between Australia and South Africa on March 12, 2006 is widely acclaimed in cricketing circles as the greatest match ever played in a cricket world. In fact, many cricket records were newly ad also broken during the course of the match. This is the only one day international cricket match in the history of cricketer records where 400 hundred or more then 400 runs were scored.

Australia won the toss and elected to bat first and scored a staggering 434 runs for the loss of 4 wickets in 50 overs. They broke the previous cricket record of the highest runs 398 which was scored by Sri Lanka against Kenya in the year 1996. South Africa in their run chase not only managed to score 400 runs, but in fact went on to win the match with one ball still to spare. It is such matches that keep fans engrossed and also make them compel to track all the cricket records so that they can come to know how capable their team and its players are on the field.

It was one game where fans were engrossed throughout the entire run chase. Many cricket records like the highest number of sixes scored, the highest number of runs scored, the largest successful run chance and the most number of fours where also scored in this match. A total of 26 sixes and 88 fours where hit throughout the entire match between Australia and South Africa. This match will be remember by cricket fans for a long time, simply because the match was wonderful and also because many cricket records where set.


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