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If people forget to sleep and eat in India it is because a cricket game is going on. Due to the excessive commercialization of cricket post the 90s cricket management has also become a very rich business. The BCCI is perhaps one of the richest institutions in the whole world. Also players who play in the private leagues are also paid an enormous sum of money.

Every kid in school talks cricket. Every kid knows how to play cricket as well. There are people in India who understand the sport more than any one else in the world. Post the 80s life was very difficult for these cricketers. The persons who represented India would just be respected by everybody. The BCCI was a very poor institution during that time and players played in competitions only for pride.

But after the Indian team won the world cup in 1983 private funds started flowing in. Reliance Industries sponsored the 1987 world cup in India. The Indian team emerged victorious in a world series in Australia as well in 1985. Due to increased public interest and more people cheering for a victorious side, private sponsorship for players and tournaments started flowing from the Industries. Also Television broadcasting rights were sold exclusively to certain parties for very high prices. BCCI became the worlds most powerful and richest organization.

That not being enough the BCCI management made sure that cricketers were rewarded well when they perform well. The new BCCI leadership also gave generous grants for improving infrastructure and also improving other sports as well in India. The players were also given retainership fees and contracts. The players who played for India are also the subject of attention of an enormous number of television channels.

All said and done the Indian team emerged victorious in many occasions and produced many world class players over the last century. It also excelled in all forms of the game (3 formats) and recently reached the number one spot. Whereas the players and the Board of control of cricket have immensely benefited by public viewership and interest, there is very little to suggest that there is any of the benefit of the game being shared with public.


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