Cricket Bowling Tips for Flawless Bowling


It is a sight to behold for cricket fans to see a fast bowler running from his bowling mark to deliver the perfect Yorker or bouncer to a batsman. In a game of cricket, Bowlers can be mainly categorized into 3 categories: Fast, Medium Fast and Spin Bowlers. Cricket is a game, which is said to be more a batsman friendly game. In a game where batsmen have all the advantages, bowlers must make use of all the cricket bowling tips that they have up their sleeves to unsettle the batsman.

To become a successful bowler you must have some amount of natural ability. Most of the successful bowlers of the world like Glen McGrath, Brett Lee, Shaun Pollock and Anil Kumble have very athletic body and based on their natural bowling ability they have been hugely successful. Whether you are a fast, slow or spin bowler, you must know the entire cricket bowling tips to be a successful bowler. A good bowler never lets go of any chance to learn any new cricket bowling tips.

To be a successful bowler first and foremost you must have the perfect grip for holding the ball correctly. There is a different grip and way of holding the ball for spinners and fast bowlers. So depending on the kind of bowler, one must choose the proper grip for holding the ball. However, there is a basic grip that you can use for holding the ball in your hand. This grip is to keep the seam of the ball vertical. You must hold the ball with your middle finger and index finger with the seam in between.

Being physically fit is one of the most important criteria for being a successful bowler. There has hardly been any bowler in the International cricket arena, who has not been injured throughout his cricketing career. In fact injuries are part and parcel of any bowler’s life. So if you want to be become the best bowler in the world you will have to take special care of your body. Follow a strict diet regime and exercise regularly to have the perfect body weight and shape to become a successful bowler.

If at any point you get injured do not make any delay in seeking medical help. The rehabilitation process can take a very long time and thus it is very important for you to follow whatever your physical therapist asks you to do. Take special care of your diet and religiously follow the strict diet regime set by your physio. Your delivery stride and position can get affected if you do not have the proper physical health.

Remember it takes you only one ball to get a batsman out, even if he is the best batsman in the world. It is natural that you will get hit for runs, but try to bowl each ball as a new ball and you will surely succeed. Simple lapses in concentration on the part of the batsman can prove to be his undoing, so bowl each ball very carefully with the proper grip and the correct deliver stride.


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