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People enjoy a day of sunshine in New York's Central Park on May 2.
People enjoy a day of sunshine in New York’s Central Park on May 2. Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told CNN’s Ana Cabrera Saturday officials expected the crowds at Central Park and were “prepared for this.”

“The NYPD is out in force” along with other city agencies, he said.

Enforcement numbers from about an hour ago “looked actually quite good,” the mayor said adding “the vast majority of people got the message and that’s the story of NYC over these last weeks.”

He said its “totally understandable” that folks want to go out get some exercise and fresh air but added the message has been “don’t linger too long, get back home” and “while you’re out there keep that face covering on, keep that social distance.”

For anyone who tries to resist these rules or create a public gathering, the NYPD is immediately going to give them a summons, de Blasio said.

If everyone follows the rules that’s great but if not there’s going to be very intense enforcement,” de Balsio said.

The mayor said overall in the past few weeks “people are overwhelmingly abiding by that social distancing,” adding that more and more people are putting on face coverings. The city is giving them out today for free, he added.

“New Yorkers have been pretty amazing at following rules in a place where it’s tough,” he said.


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