Bitten by the Surfing Bug? Eat Well & Live Well


Have you said goodbye to boring workouts, and now often making frequent weekend escapes to enjoy sun, sea and waves? If you and your friends have been hit by the surfing bug and have tried paddling and catching a wave, then you know how exciting and challenging it can be.

You need to work out, that’s for sure. You need to strengthen your shoulders and arms for paddling. Conditioning for surfing also requires strengthening the lower back, legs, and other major body parts, including the mind. Aside from a regular workout like long-distance cycling, running and swimming to build greater stamina and endurance, and doing yoga to increase flexibility and mind power, good nutrition greatly helps.

Eating the right foods will help surfers increase muscular endurance that’s important for paddling and catching waves. Poor eating habits throw a person off balance. So surfers end up falling more easily, getting tired quickly, and sustaining injuries. A body that lacks nutrients also has a compromised emotional and mental clarity. An unhealthy person lacks focus and energy which are essential to the sport.

To complement body conditioning for surfing, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and drink two to three liters of water every single day. Some people may ask if eating well really plays a part in becoming a better surfer? You can bet your fat fanny it can. How else can you sustain the energy for a physically challenging activity like surfing if you don’t have enough energy coming from healthy foods and vitamins? A couple of hours of surfing and you’re spent already without proper conditioning for surfing. So as not to bonk, eat slow-burning foods that offer energy over several hours. Have a stash of low-sugar protein bars. Avoid high sugar, highly refined carbohydrate foods that can lead to muscle and joint deterioration. Cut back on foods high in cholesterol. Even if you already know the basic surfing skills, you may sustain injury and your performance may deteriorate if you don’t eat well. Sports nutritionists generally recommend a four to one ratio of carbohydrates to proteins. Some experts say that a meal after a workout should not be full of carbs. Protein will stimulate insulin response and refuel your body.

If you plan to surf all day long, eat lean meat or fish and brown rice the night before to have enough energy stores. At the beach, you can munch on fruits with fructose like apples, pears, peaches, and bananas that the body can absorb slower than processed sugar. Focus on eating for sustained energy and you’ll have a blast surfing. Oh, and drop unhealthy habits like smoking.


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