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Did you know that DIRECTV for Business can add value to your bar or restaurant? If you own a bar or restaurant chances are you have televisions and video service to help make your business successful. Nowadays, it’s almost mandatory to offer audio and video for ambiance, this helps keep customers intrigued. DIRECTV programming can help develop a regular repeat customer crowd on a weekly basis.

Most Pay TV Providers offer businesses a couple of cable channels but DIRECTV has everything from sports, to movies, local stations, live pay per view boxing and martial arts. DIRECTV provides access to watch most of the national football games during the regular season every Sunday afternoon with the NFL Sunday Ticket. The football package is a great way to draw in new customers that just moved to the area. People that just moved to the area may prefer to watch their hometown team instead the new team they may know nothing about. If your located in a big city chances are there’s a crowd underserved sports fans. Seasonal sport packages provide access to out-of-state games across the country. Not only is this package a great experience for football fans in every state but it doesn’t stop there while other sports leagues are available including Basketball, Hockey, Baseball and Soccer. Overall, other Satellite and Cable Pay TV providers for Business don’t have options for the Seasonal Sports Programming for public locations like DIRECTV does for Business.

DIRECTV has a package for every establishments budget. Aside from the seasonal sports, the most popular plans include all the local and regional sports programming. Hometown sports teams are a key element to the success of any bar or restaurant that wants to draw in a local sports crowds.

Programming Price ranges vary by the occupancy of one’s location. Occupancy is rated by EVO (Estimate Viewing Occupancy) or FOC (Fire Occupancy Code), both play an intricate part when totaling up the monthly subscription. These figures apply to the maximum occupancy of the building space per city as required. Restaurants are required to place the FOC or Maximum Occupancy capacity within a viewable area to the public. Its imperative you hire an experienced DIRECTV Commercial Retailer that knows what their doing. The retailer should know the ins and outs, so the customer gets everything as expected and no surprises along the way.

DIRECTV for Business has many advantages for public establishments with 99.9% reliability. DIRECTV has the latest programming in High Definition programming. All the sports programming is available on one platform. TV is expected, drive the traffic with DIRECTV’s Big Game Deals and Exclusive Sports Programming. Television creates an atmosphere worth staying and coming back.


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