A Few Helpful Tennis Tips


Are you a competitive tennis player?

If you are, how consistent are you with your match play?

In this article, I am going to teach you how you can start playing solid points in your tennis matches.

You want to be consistent with your play in matches, so you can get a good feel and rhythm while playing them.

Work on these tips that follow in your practice matches and get and stay focused while working on them.

For example.

How Do You Start The point?

Never miss a return and get 80% of your first serves in.

After you get the lead in the match, you can then start going for more on your serve, but to start off the match, use more spin and placement.

The first shot?

Same as above.

Never miss the first shot after the point starts.

If you don’t get a short reply, work the point from there.

Set The Point Up.

When the point starts, work their backhand side as much as you can, now if that is their strong wing, mix things up a bit and work them cross court to their forehand side.

Learn how to handle, “On Coming Power”.

Novak is great at doing it.

This is when you learn how to neutralize your opponent’s attacking shots, by being able to get their balls back and deep, and give yourself enough time, to re-position yourself on the court.

Key tip here.

Use the (ping-pong swing techniques) with your racket when dealing with real power!!


Do you know what that stands for?

Always Be Closing Into the Net.

Look for that first chance you get, to take over the point and close into the net, to finish the point off.

Those are just a few helpful tips that you guys can start working on today.

Like everything else that I teach you guys, implement these tips in practice.

A lot of you guys really need to take a hard look at how you are practicing.

Be aware of how much energy and passion that you take to them on a daily basis.

Tennis players must always have a game plan, in their minds and this plan has to be well thought out.

Because if they don’t have one.

“They will just be out there in competition, reacting to whatever their opponent is doing to them”.

And they don’t want to ever get caught in those types of situations on court.


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