3 Tips To Grow Your Tennis Club Membership


If you are a tennis club owner, I have 3 great tips for you, that can help you grow your tennis club membership in 3 months.

Try to stay in learning mode and get creative with your marketing.

Look for new strategies every week.

And give it time to work for you and your club.

That being said, check out the tips and take some notes.

1). Referrals

The only way for you to leverage this one is to give great service when they join your club.

Treat your members like family and let them know, that you value them and you are prepared, to do whatever it will takes, to keep them at your club.

Have your staff ask at the right time.

Holding free clinics and tennis events are great too.

The best club owners treat their members like GOLD.

2). Direct Mail

This boils down to the offer, so make them one, that they can’t refuse.

Use a power headline and grab their attention with it.

With direct mail, you can get creative with this too and use off-line advertising, to drive traffic to your website.

You can also cut cost, by having your staff do it for you.

There are a number of ways to make this happen, think big and give it time to work.

3). Front End Marketing

This is really the reason why tennis clubs and other clubs don’t grow their memberships the way they should.

Because they don’t understand what front end marketing is all about.

This is what you do, to get members into your club.

How much does it cost to get a new member?

Ask yourself that every month and then try to come up with better ideas to save money and time while doing it.

Be relentless with your front end marketing.

One more thing.

Use many different types of marketing at the same time, like flyers, Facebook ads and also cold calling.

Then the next month, try 3 other types of marketing and see how they work out.

The more you master how to market on the front end, the more new members you will get on the back end.

After you do that, you can create a referral system and leverage your power base on the back in part!!

See how that works?

I thought you would!!

Copy this article out and post it up at your club.

That should help you and your staff start growing your membership in months.

Please let me know your results too.


Source by Thomas Jay Daniels

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