3 Tips For Tennis Coaching Leadership


As a tennis coach, how well do you lead your players?

The thing here is to never look at your job as just being a tennis coach.

Because it can and should be much more than that.

You are touching and shaping the lives of these players and with that job comes a lot of responsibility.

Without a doubt.

Tennis coaches must become great leaders!!

“This will also help them to reach their full potential as a coach and as a human being”.

You really need to ask yourself this question.

How good of a leader am I?

Then start working on these 3 things to become better at DOING it or should I say being it.

1) Building Character.

This is a lifelong pursuit for all of us.

But we first must start developing it now and then we need to focus on maintaining it forever.

All great coaches had to develop character at some point in their careers.

They then learned how to teach character and transfer it to their players.

It’s like character begets character.

Focus on getting better as a person daily and this will help you develop more character as a leader.

2) Strengthen Your Relationships.

This goes across the board.

With your players, your co-workers and their parents and your own family.

To get great at leading you need to lead by example and that means building great relationships!

Notice how all great leaders have great relationships in their lives?

Break out with your coaching journal for me and then rate how solid your relationships are right now.

After you do that get to work on strengthening the ones that need work and deepening the other ones.

3) Study Great Leaders.


“You need to study other great leaders and coaches and you need to take a lot of notes and then you have to stay congruent with their teaching into they get down into your consciousness and become a part of your daily life”!

If you really step back for a minute and think about this…

This is all about YOU reaching your full potential as a coach, by helping and leading your players, friends, and family do the same thing in their lives.

Great leadership comes around full circle!

Adopting this coaching philosophy can have a very powerful and spiritual effect in your life.

And it all starts with you recognizing where you are as a leader today and then committing to these 3 attributes and developing them as fast as you can.


Source by Thomas Jay Daniels

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