20/20 Cricket, Good for the Game


When 20/20 cricket was introduced by the ICC (International Cricket Council) to the cricketing world many a die-hard test match and one day cricket fan believed it would do more harm than good and it was not 'real cricket'.

Cricket is by nature a game of patience and endurance in test match form, but it is also a spectator sport. To many people test matches are boring, and although one day matches are fun they are just too long for some people. For this reason the new form of the game was developed.

20/20 cricket has revived the sport brining, perhaps, a more jubilant and younger crowd to watch a flurry of sixes and fours and run rates of seven to eight runs per over. Furthermore, with the advent of the ICC 20/20 world cup known as the 'ICC World 20/20', which was first held in 2007, and the Indian Premier League – sporting teams like the Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians with players from all around the world who normally play against each other playing as team mates (what a spectacle) – many people who had never before watched cricket are now fanatical supporters.

Despite the purists fears people still support test matches and one day games – now there is just more variety. Furthermore, it has brought in much-needed funds to the game and showed just how fast teams can score if they put their mind to it.

Stadiums are now normally packed to capacity for one day's and twenty-twenty games; and test matches are still seen as the purest form of the game.

The next ICC World 20/20 competition is to be held in 2012. Whether you are a religious cricket supporter or know nothing about the game, be sure not to miss it or at least give it a try. You will be bowled over for sure!


Source by Graeme Wesley Rossouw

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